Pendulum are a drum and bass/rock group with the original members, Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen and Paul Harding, from Perth, Australia. Paul Harding is a veteran DJ while Rob Swire and Gareth McGrillen had an acclaimed rock band called Xygen but after hearing Konflict's "Messiah" at a rave they made the decision to produce drum and bass instead. In 2003 they relocated to the United Kingdom and are now "drum and bass" producers. While Hold Your Colour held true to this intent, they have since experimented with mixing rock influences back in, with the rock-heavy second album In Silico, and the third album, Immersion, being slightly less so. Their newer efforts also incorporate styles from other genres, such as dubstep, heavy metal and electro house. Pendulum are now better known for their energetic live shows, with live band setup and advanced visual displays and incorporating their "rock" background with drum and bass.

Pendulum formed in Perth, Australia and released their first song, "Vault", as the A side of the "Kingz of the Rollers EP" in 2003. After several other singles, including Spinal//Ulterior Motive and many tracks to be included in their forthcoming LP, they released their debut album, Hold Your Colour, in 2005. Their second album, In Silico, was released in May 2008. The second single from the album, "Propane Nightmares", was their biggest hit to date, peaking at #9 in the UK Singles Chart.
In 2008, Pendulum played at numerous European music festivals and undertook their first tour of North America. At the end of the year the band filmed a live DVD on December 4 and 5 2008, at the Brixton Academy, which was released in June 2009. They toured Europe again in 2009 where they first announced work on their third studio album.
It was announced in December that Pendulum will be touring their new album, "Immersion", in May 2010. The release date of the album was announced to be "in May" during the live preview party at Matter, and has since been confirmed to be released on 24 May.
Pendulum previewed their album Immersion at the Ear Storm night at London's Matter nightclub on Friday January 22. This was also streamed on their website. "Salt In The Wounds", a track from their new album, was Zane Lowe's Hottest Record In The World on BBC Radio 1 on 25 January 2010. It was, however, stated that it was a street-level release, and it was not an official single. On Zane Lowe's show, it was also announced that he wanted to join the band and the first single from the new album would be called "Watercolour". "Watercolour" also received its first play on Zane Lowe's BBC Radio 1 show on 8 March 2010, and was his Single Of The Week for that week.The music video for "Watercolour" was released on 31 March, and it premiered on their MySpace page and the members are of their official website, The Other Side. A day later, on 1 April, another music video was released, this time for "Salt In The Wounds". The video is unique in that it is, according to the band's website, "...the world's first 360º interactive music video." Viewers can move the camera around in the video. Six different letters are hidden throughout the video, these letters do change; once found, the viewer can enter them as a code and claim a free download of "Salt In The Wounds".

The Pendulum sound is typically heavy beats accompanied by low, buzzing basslines, often played in unison with guitars and/or bass guitar, overlaid with synthesized leads. When Pendulum started out as producers in Australia, their sound was considerably more drum and bass-influenced than the work they are known for today. Over time, this led to a change of audience and listeners from underground to mainstream listeners. On their recently released third album Immersion, they have returned to the sound shown on Hold Your Colour whilst still retaining the more rock - based style of music used on In Silico and expanding into Dubstep and Electro House.
Pendulum's current musical style consists of a fusion of electronica and rock, with the inclusion of acoustic instruments. Songs such as "Propane Nightmares" and "Granite" continued to be synth-led, whilst others, such as "Showdown" and "The Tempest", were guitar-led. Gareth McGrillen stated in an interview on Channel 4 that they use 17 computers during the live performances, all of which are mixing up the sounds produced by the instruments in real time.
Signature tunes such as "Vault", "Back to You", "Voyager" and "Toxic Shock", which were released on labels such as Uprising Records, Renegade Hardware and Low Profile Records, have a darker, more amelodic air to them which is substantially absent from their later productions, which are generally leaning heavily towards a mainstream, dance-driven sound. Early work such as "Another Planet" however, seems to indicate an early affinity with a more global sound, similar to other Breakbeat Kaos artists such as DJ Fresh and Adam F. Their new track (at that time) "Ransom" was played at their Noisia set at WMC. Ransom was later dropped from the final mix of their latest album, Immersion.
The group has produced various remixes of other artists also; the most well-known being their remix of "Voodoo People", originally by The Prodigy. Pendulum have also remixed themselves and television theme songs, such as the Australian ABC News' Television Theme in May of 2010. In 2006, their collaboration with the Freestylers - "Painkiller" - was remixed by NOISIA and released on Against the Grain Records. In 2008-2010, they covered songs including Led Zeppelin "Immigrant Song", Coldplay's "Violet Hill", Metallica's "Master of Puppets", Calvin Harris' "I'm Not Alone" and remixed Plan B's "Stay Too Long". Currently, only The Prodigy remix, Plan B remix and a BBC Radio 1 recording of the Violet Hill cover have been released to purchase, although a full studio version of the Master of Puppets remix does exist.

Pendulum est un des groupes phares de la scène Drum 'n Bass / Jungle, en provenance d'Australie, résidant maintenant en Angleterre.
Pendulum est composé de Rob Swire, Gareth McGrillen et Paul Harding. Déjà connus pour leur morceau Another Planet, ils sortent en 2005 leur premier album, intitulé Hold Your Colour. Cet album remporte un franc succès en Australie et au Royaume-Uni, où il est classé comme étant l'album de Drum & Bass le plus vendu, avec New Forms de Roni Size.
De nombreuses personnalités du monde de la jungle ou du breakbeat ont collaboré à cet album, dont les Freestylers sur Fasten Your Seatbelt, Dj Fresh ainsi que les MC's $pyda et Tenor Fly sur le hit Tarantula, mais aussi d'autres tels que MC Fats, TC ou encore Jasmin Lee...
Le son de Pendulum est très caractéristique, un beat très lourd accompagné de lignes de basses profondes, avec une mélodie au synthétiseur et parfois un MC. Leur musique a un côté atmosphérique, très futuriste.
Ils produisent également de nombreux artistes, et sont connus pour avoir remixés de nombreux morceaux, comme avec Voodoo People de The Prodigy ou encore Bacteria de Ed Rush & Optical.
L'album Immersion et le single Watercolour restent à ce jour leurs plus grands succès, atteignant respectivement la 1re et la 4e place des meilleurs ventes d' album et de single au Royaume-Uni.
Depuis leur album In Silico, le groupe a intensifié les prestations dites « live » (avec guitare, basse, synthétiseur et batterie) qui diffèrent des « Dj Set » où un des trois membres original du groupe mixe , les MC's Jakes et Ben The Verse assurant les vocals.

En plus de traditionnels Dj-Set, Pendulum a récemment commencé à mixer pour de nombreuses radios (notamment un mix de 2h00 sur Radio One le 17/9/2005), mais aussi en soirée, comme au Fabric Nightclub de Londres le 6 octobre, accompagnés de MC Jakes, et également au Seone, un autre club de Londres, le 2 décembre. Pour le nouvel an 2008, un set d'1h30 a été joué sur Radio One, relatant les plus gros hits du groupes ainsi que des remixs plus que sensationnels. Le live-set est disponible gratuitement sur leur site internet. [1] Pendulum s'affirme sur scène comme une révélation rock, aux origines Drum'n'Bass et aux influences électroniques, en démontrant qu'ils savent assurer en Live sans MC.


In Flames is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Gothenburg, formed in 1990. Since the band's conception in 1993, they have released nine studio albums and one live DVD. As of 2008, In Flames has sold over 2 million records worldwide.

The departure of guitarist and founding member Jesper Strömblad was announced on the band's MySpace on February 12, 2010. The parting was on good terms with Jesper stating that "I'm determined to fight and defeat my demons once and for all..." and the remaining band members backing his decision. Although a replacement has yet to be announced the band has stated that they will "continue as a band" and Jesper is "far from done with music". The departure may be temporary as the band has stated that "The door to In Flames is always open to Jesper".[24]
According to an update on their official website posted on February 24, 2010, they are taking a break right now to spend time with families and prepare for their two festivals next summer whilst also slowly writing songs for a new album.
In an interview with Pendulum frontman Rob Swire, it was confirmed that In Flames were a collaborator for Pendulum's third studio album, Immersion. Before this interview, it was hinted in an image which showed some of the members of In Flames in Pendulum's studio with Rob Swire and bass guitarist Gareth McGrillen, which started speculation. The song is titled "Self versus Self" and is one of three collaborations on the album
In Flames, along with Dark Tranquillity and At the Gates, pioneered what is now known as melodic death metal. The founding members of all three bands all lived in Gothenburg, Sweden and they were all friends who shared the same musical interests. Eventually, that group of friends branched off into three bands with the same musical direction, In Flames, Dark Tranquillity, and At the Gates.
Jesper Strömblad formed In Flames to write music that combined the melodic guitar style of Iron Maiden with the brutality of death metal, something which Jesper stated he had never heard any band do. In writing songs, Jesper also decided to make use of keyboards, something which was (at the time) uncommon in death metal. Ever since In Flames' debut studio album, Lunar Strain, the band has made use of keyboards, although other extreme metal bands such as Cradle of Filth had been using keyboards years before them. Despite their sometimes heavy use of keyboards in their music, they still refuse to recruit a full-time keyboardist
In Flames' musical style is characterized by the constant use of harmonized lead guitar melodies and screaming-style singing along with death growl. In early albums such as The Jester Race, In Flames would often employ two harmonized lead guitars playing over a rhythm guitar. However, since the band only has two guitar players, they found it hard to reproduce those songs during live performances and ever since Reroute to Remain they have focused on writing songs with the intention of playing them live. On the album Soundtrack to Your Escape, the band focused on less guitar melodies, giving place for more synths. However, this has not been continued on the later albums.[29][30][31]
In Flames' vocal style is characterized by the use of growled vocals or screamed vocals complemented at times by clean vocals. In more recent albums such as Come Clarity, the band makes more prominent use of clean vocals, especially during choruses. In Flames' lyrics have also varied during their career. In early albums such as The Jester Race and Whoracle, In Flames' lyrics focused on astrology, mankind, and other global themes. In later albums such as Soundtrack to Your Escape and Come Clarity, In Flames' lyrics focus more on personal issues, thoughts, and other introspective themes.
Since Reroute to Remain was released in 2002, In Flames fan base has been split because of the gradual change in style, towards a more alternative sound. Still, In Flames have a solid and growing worldwide fanbase. The stylistic changes include screamed and clean vocals, as opposed to the death growl on the early records, more prominent rhythm section and less guitar melodies and solos, more obvious use of synthesizers and electronics and a clear influence from modern American metal in especially the uplifting chorus melodies, similar to bands such as American Head Charge. This later style of the band has been noted for influences from both metalcore[ and alternative metal.

Créé en 1990, dans la ville de Göteborg, en Suède, In Flames est un groupe de death mélodique qui est considéré comme une référence et un des fondateurs du genre. Le groupe a vendu à ce jour plus de 2 millions d'albums à travers le monde 1.
Le groupe a sorti 9 albums, ainsi que 4 EP. Bien qu'il fût déjà assez connu dans le milieu du metal à la fin des années 1990, c'est avec la sortie de son cinquième album, Clayman, en 2000, qu'il se fit connaître mondialement.


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